We are proud to share our lives with animals both in and out of the Circus ring. All of our animals are captive-bred and the majority are rescues. We are licensed and inspected by USDA and our animals are seen by a veterinarian every 30 days. We are lucky enough to have a team of world-class vets all over the country.

All of our animals are trained using positive reinforcement. In the show you will see animals rewarded with their favorite treats for performing behaviors. No two animal acts are ever the same! Our animals have the choice of which behaviors they feel like doing. Some days that means they do everything asked of them, and other days they feel like making their trainers look a little silly.

Big Cats: Delilah & Solomon came to us after a roadside zoo was shut down by the USDA. They are brother and sister Golden Tabby Tigers and have been together their whole lives. Our newest additional, Wendell the Lion, came to us after he was surrendered by an exotic pet owner after he grew too big to manage. He was very scared of men when he first came to us. We're very happy to report that his handler Trey is now his best buddy! Wendell has been making appearances in the show recently. He is now a growing brave boy with loads of confidence.  He loves our female tiger Delilah very much and she's been integral in helping us to teach Wendell what to do in the ring. Right now the goal is to teach him to get on his seat, sit next to Delilah and then leave the ring when the act is over. Each act is a training session you'll get to see live. 

Our Animal Family

Our Show

Tent Raising & Tour

Every morning at 9:30 a.m, we offer a free tour of the circus grounds to the public which includes watching our tent raising. You'll get to meet our animals up close and personal, learn about their routine and care and get lots of information about our show's daily operations. We welcome large groups to attend tent raising including day cares, elderly care facilities and schools. Please contact us if you're thinking of bringing a large group so we can help accommodate your group's size or any special needs they may have. 

We're thrilled to bring you a brand new show for 2023! From Beautiful Animals, to High-Flying Aerialists our show truly has something for everyone! Our show is 90 minutes of fast-paced fun. You won't want to miss America's last traditional Big Top Circus. 

2024 Cast

Romichel Macias - Foot Juggling

The Loyal Family - Bareback Riders

Trey Key - Big Cats

Arlise Troupe - Unicycles

Perez Duo - Wheel of Destiny & Tight Wire

Leo - Circus Clown

Simone Key - Trapeze