Q: How much are tickets?

A: Tickets purchased online or at local ticket outlets BEFORE circus day are $12 for adults and $7 for children 2-12 and seniors 65 & up. On the day of the circus (or first day if we're in town multiple days) tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children and seniors. There is no charge for children UNDER the age of 2.

​Q: How early can I buy tickets on Circus Day?

​A: The box office opens at the circus grounds an hour before each show.

Q: Are there things to do before the show? 

A: Starting an hour before the show, we offer bouncy houses, a 22 ft slide, pony rides, face painting and a concession stand. Cash is accepted directly at each attraction.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Credit cards are only accepted at the box office. If you need cash for concessions or pony rides, be sure to ask for cash back at the box office. 

Q: When can we enter the tent?
A: The tent opens 20 minutes before each show. All tickets are general admission which means first come, first serve for choice of seats. 

Q: Do you sell shirts online?

A: Yes! We have shirts and many other logo items available through REDBUBBLE.

Q: Where can I find out more information about tour dates?

A: Visit our online ticket store or Facebook for showtimes and locations. If you don't see any locations near you, feel free to send us a message on Facebook and we'll find the location closest to you. 

Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: Rain is no problem with our big top! In the event of severe weather such as high winds, a lot of lightning or flooding, we will delay the show until it safe to continue. Be sure to check your local forecast and dress accordingly.