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Performing Camels
These dashing dromedaries delight and amuse as they circle the ring with their unique gait. Trained and presented by Mike Rice, these amazing creatures are sure to make you smile.

For more information on these fascinating animals, visit SilkRoadCamels.com.

Perez High-Wire Trio
With nerves of steel to match the steel cable that suspends them high above the ground at the very top of our canvas coliseum, the Perez trio effortlessly balances and performs amazing feats on the high wire.
Miss Carolyn's Dog & Pony Revue
High-energy antics and spunky performing pooches make Miss Carolyn's Dog and Pony act a real crowd-pleaser and is fun for children of all ages.

Miss Simone
Miss Simone demonstrates incredible strength and daring in her trapeze act.

Simone makes her debut as ringmistress this season following in the footsteps of her late grandfather, famous ringmaster Phil Chandler.

The High-Flying Perez Troupe
Watch in awe as members of the troupe arre catapulted high in the air from the Russian Swing to the far reaches of the big top. Even the youngest performers fly through the air completing flips and twists before landing safely into the net suspended from the top of the tent.
The Arlise Troupe
In a blur of motion and flurry of peddling, the Arlise Troupe navigates the ring on all sizes of unicycles. This Canadian family presents daring and balance as they execute precision drills at both high and equally difficult slow speeds.
Miss Karina
When Karina enters the ring to present her high-energy hula hoop act, prepare to have a toe-tapping, good time. With a dazzling smile and talent to match, Karina is sure to light up the ring.
Horsing Around
Boozo and his trusty pal, Leroy present a comedy routine out of the Old West. It recalls the days when a man's only friend was his horse...maybe.
Miss Paulette & Her Feathered Pets
Miss Paulette captivates audiences as her feathered friends fly high in the air and land right on her hand. This little lady is sure to steal your heart as she gently coaxes her birds to follow her every command.

Aaron "Melvino" Rider brings a bucketful of comic skills to the 2006 Edition of the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus. Aaron is not just the only unicycling bagpipe-playing clown in the American circus, but he is also a seasoned starving street performer. To learn more about Aaron's antics, visit his website at www.melvinoland.com

Photos ©2006 Lacey Terrell


Original Music
Culpepper & Merriweather Circus embraces its third season of using completely original music by the colorful Los Angeles composer, Matt Margucci.

Culpepper & Merriweather is the only old-fashioned tented circus using an original music score.

Matt Margucci's eclectic track record ranges from Spiderman cartoons to published country songs, jazz, radio jingles, tribal, mariachi and even childrens music. He has contributed to more than 700 tracks of recorded music to date and is still even kind of young!

The Official 2006 Culpepper & Merriweather Circus Soundtrack CD will be available soon. Pick one up at our online store or on show day at America's Favorite Old-Fashioned Tent Circus.

Photo ©2006 Lacey Terrell


More photos will also be coming soon to our PressRoom page!