Every morning at 9:30 a.m, we offer a free tour of the circus grounds to the public which includes watching our tent raising. You'll get to meet our animals up close and personal, learn about their routine and care and get lots of information about our show's daily operations. We welcome large groups to attend tent raising including day cares, elderly care facilities and schools. Please contact us if you're thinking of bringing a large group so we can help accommodate your group's size or any special needs they may have. 

We realize there is an ever-growing concern placed on the welfare of our animal co-workers & companions. Our bond with our animals is something we are very proud of and excited for you to see. We get frequent compliments on the condition our animals are in. We welcome any questions about their care and encourage you to take our free morning tour at 9:30 a.m for a chance to see them before ever purchasing a ticket. We are inspected regularly by state, federal, and local authorities. Our animals are also seen by vets every 30 days! 

We're thrilled to present our best performance yet in our 35 year history! We have an all-star group of performers from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Anyone from toddlers to grandparents will enjoy our action-packed 90 minute show! There is truly something for everyone! With a variety of acts featuring animals, acrobats, comedy and balancing, your whole family will be left talking about what their particular favorite was. 

**Please note due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances, some performers may be absent or substituted at certain performances.**